Our Mission
Streets of Prayer is a social media platform to connect the worldwide Church of Christ in prayer, ministry, gifts, acts of kindness, stories, and devotion. Our vision and mission at Streets Of Prayer is to mobilize and unify the Church to pray persistently and faithfully for the individual people and neighborhoods of the world. Our goal, collectively, is to cover every person (by name) and every neighboorhood in prayer with the hope that every person on Earth will come to know, love, and worship Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that they will experience the power of His death and resurrection.

How can we cover every person in prayer?
There are over 1 billion Evangelical Christians in the world. The total population of the world is around 7.6 billion (as of 2018). That means there are 6.6 billion people who, left to themselves, are on a path to be eternally separated from the beauty and goodness of Jesus Christ. They are on a path that will lead them to eternal death becaue they have not embraced the one who is eternal life. Every moment matters! Roughly 260,000 people leave this world and enter eternity every day. We can stand in the gap. We can pray for them! If every one of us 1 billion Christians prayed for 7 people that are not Christians, then every person would be covered in prayer (assuming no overlap). Pick a person for each day of the week, this way that person will be prayed for at least once a week. As you can see from the numbers, we can accomplish this. Also, as you can see from the numbers it really will take all of us.

What is our motive for praying?
Our motive to pray is that we have experienced the goodness and love of the Lord. Since we love our neighbors, we want them to experience the same goodness and love that we have. We also believe that by praying, we will draw closer to the heart and will of God in the journey. It is not our motive to guilt Christians into praying since it will ultimately prove to be fleeting, ineffective, and counter productive. We hope that by praying it will NOT only lead to neighbors and neighborhoods coming to Jesus, but it will also be an opportunity to bring families together as we pray for their neighbors and neighborhoods. we see this as way to unify our efforts and partner up together for Jesus.

What do we believe?
We believe that the Bible alone is the Word of God and is the only instruction that we should look to for guidance when it comes to knowing God's character and His desires. Any revelation or message that attempts to adds or subtract from the Bible should be rejected and repudiated. (Rev. 22:18-19)

We believe that Jesus is the ONLY Savior of the world and that He is the ONLY way to the Father (John 14:6)

We believe that Jesus is God in the flesh (Romans 10:9; John 1:1,14)

We believe in the historical death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus (Romans 10:9)

We believe that the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit are equally God. We believe that these three are distinct persons yet are one (The Holy Trinity). Each are worthy of our complete obedience, adoration and worship (John 10:30; Mat 28:19)

We believe that the blood of Jesus Christ ALONE can wash away ours sins and reconcile us to God. It is only by trusting in Him that we can obtain forgiveness of sins. It is not of any works or acts obedience on our part that contribute to our salvation. (Gal 2:16; 1 John 1:7)

We believe that we must seek to abide in Christ and rely on the Holy Spirit for strength and faith to repent of those things which do not conform to the will of God. We are called to seek first God’s righteousness and His kingdom even if it should cost us our fortune, our family, and even our life. (Jn 15:4-7; Mar 1:15; Mat 6:33; Mat 10:37-39)

We believe that we should be a people of persistent and unceasing prayer. We believe that God hears our prayers and delights in accomplishing His purposes through our prayers. (2 Chron. 7:14; Luke 11:1-13; 1 Thes. 5:17)

We believe that Jesus Christ is coming back again to judge the world and will take His bride to Himself. We long and pray for our Lord Jesus to come back soon!